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“Superstar” Actor Accused Of Raping Child Star

An A-list “Superstar” has been accused of raping 80’s child star Corey Haim (pictured above).

RadarOnline has made the explosive claims, which they say have been confirmed by multiple sources who are threatening to out the paedophile.

In the article, journalist Dylan Howard calls the “superstar sexual predator” one of the “most recognisable faces in the industry”.

However, the site isn’t naming names as yet – although they haven’t ruled out doing so.

Haim, who starred in the likes of Lucas, Watchers and Murphy’s Romance, died of a drug overdose in 2010 at the age of 38.

Corey Haim with Corey Feldman

According to RadarOnline, in the final years of his life, Haim had told how the “powerful actor” who raped and abused him had gone unchecked for decades.

They describe the anonymous star as a “household name” who is “revered by millions”.

It’s not the first time the site has reported stories of “anonymous” actors.

In November 2015, RadarOnline published a similar report about a “Hollywood Superstar’s Desperate Battle With AIDS Revealed”.

The story turned out to be true with Charlie Sheen admitting it was him in an interview just two weeks later.


Corey Haim and Corey Feldman in 2004

It’s not the first times allegations of abuse have been made in relation to Haim and fellow 80’s star Corey Feldman.

Childhood friends, Feldman has spoken of how they were both raped. He claims Haim was just 11 when he was first raped by a “Hollywood Producer”.

Feldman said it was this sexual abuse that saw Haim turn to drugs.

According to RadarOnline, the “superstar” of their report is responsible for a second instance of abuse during Haim's mid-teens.

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