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Scott Baio Shares Touching Letter From Erin Moran's Husband

Erin Moran’s husband has spoken out about how the former Happy Days’ star spent her final days — and died in bed while watching TV.

Steven Fleischmann has written on Facebook that she wasn't aware that she was sick until around November last year when she woke one morning with blood on her pillowcase.

“She said I think I bit my tongue,’’ 

“It was not her tongue but her tonsil on the left side. A biopsy revealed it was squamous cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer"

“She started radiation and chemo. Five days a week radiation and chemo only on Thursdays. We did that the whole time,’’

“It got so bad so fast. By the middle of February, Erin could no longer speak or eat or drink. She had a feeding tube implant and I feed her 6 to 8 times a day. She was still happy, she was active, she texted people on her phone all day.”


Erin's former former Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi co-star Scott Baio has shared the post while he deals with backlash following his initial reaction to hearing of Moran’s death.

Baio says he was responding to media reports when he suggested her passing may have been due to her substance abuse issues.

“I feel bad because her whole life she was troubled, could never find what made her happy and content, you know what I mean?” he initially said.

“For me, you do drugs or drink, you’re gonna die. And I’m sorry if that’s cold, but … God gave you a brain, gave you the will to live and thrive, and you gotta take care of yourself. I’m sorry. You just have to, and I am saddened by what happened.

“And I don’t know if it was drugs that killed her,” he added.

“I read one report that it might have been. And I hope it — you know, I don’t know what I hope.”


Baio’s comments drew a backlash on social media and the star responded to some saying he felt he was being attacked, partly because he is an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump.

He clarified in a Facebook post he had heard reports Moran had died of a heroin overdose and the radio interview took place before authorities mentioned her cancer.

“Erin was my very first real girlfriend,” he said.

“My wife and Erin contacted each other and spoke often for over a decade. I even had her on my reality show (Scott Baio Is 45 ... And Single) years ago. I DID reach out to her over a span of 30 years.

He continued:

“Please stop assuming the worse (sic) in me,” 

“I’m a compassionate person. I’m very heartbroken over her passing, especially since it was cancer.”

Daily Telegraph

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