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Protesters Take Over Sunrise's Comm Games Broadcast

A protest has erupted outside the Sunrise live broadcast from the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. 

A large crowd of at least 40 people were seen behind Sam Armytage and Kochie as they tried to host the show. 

But chanting from the protesters eventually could not be ignored. 

The protesters were demanding air time about Aboriginal land rights, while also attacking Armytage for a segment she hosted last month surrounding the adoption of aboriginal children. 

The crowd often targeted Sam and demanded an apology for the segment which was deemed 'blatant racism'. 

“We support and respect anyone being able to project and get their view,” Koch said.

"Happy to have them here, and to express their view, but we have to be a bit careful with language and aggression.

“As regular viewers would know, we have lots of families and kids here.

"It’s school holidays in Queensland, it’s the Commonwealth Games, and while we respect everybody’s right to protest ... there are a lot of families on holidays.”

“We have to be very careful with some of the language going to air,” Armytage added. 

"I do want to point out that the original segment that sparked this was that children are at risk, not about land rights ... just keep that in mind."

The hosts also took a dig at Channel 9 who appeared with camera crews to cover the protest. 

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