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Princess Diana’s Letters Reveal The Truth About Prince Harry

Prince Harry has long been rumoured to be the cheekiest member of the royal family, and now we have solid proof! 

According to newly-discovered letters written by mother Princess Diana, young Harry was "constantly in trouble at school".

Diana sent the six handwritten notes - which are expected to sell for thousands of pounds at auction - to Cyril Dickman in the 1980s and 1990's. Cyril Dickman served as a palace stewart at Buckingham Palace for more than fifty years. 


(Image: Getty)

Aside from highlighting the cheeky prince's behaviour, the letters also reveal intimate details of family life during Prince Harry's early years. 

"William adores his little brother and spends the entire time swamping Harry with an endless supply of hugs and kisses, hardly letting the parents near!" Diana wrote. 


CLICK ON THE GALLERY ABOVE TO SEE EIGHT OF THE SWEETEST THINGS our favourite ginger-haired royal has said about his late mother.

Source: Mashable

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The Sweetest Things Prince Harry Has Said About His Mother
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"She was our guardian, friend and protector. Behind the media glare, to us... she was quite simply the best mother in the world" via Getty Images
"Everything can be okay, but I really regret not ever talking about it for the first 28 years of my life. I never talked about it." – on losing his Mother via Getty Images
I don’t say ‘Right, I’m going to get involved in that because that’s what my Mum would want me to do,' though inevitably once I’m doing it I think, ‘Do you know what? She’d probably love this” via Getty Images
"William and I can separate life into two parts. There are the years that we were blessed beside us with the physical presence of both our mother and father. And then there are the 10 years since our mother's death." via Getty Images
"I hope that a lot of my mother's talents are shown in a lot of the work I do...I hope she's looking down, you know, with tears in her eyes, being incredibly proud..." via Getty Images
"We will do everything we can to make sure that she's never forgotten and carry on all the special gifts...that she had and that she portrayed while she was alive." via Getty Images
“I'm sure she's longing for me to have kids...but I hope, once again, everything that we do, privately and officially, that it makes her proud.” via Getty Images
"All I want to do is make my mother incredibly proud...that's all I've ever wanted to do" via Getty Images
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