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The Internet Can't Deal With Prince George's Reaction To PM

Over the weekend the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Canada ahead of their week-long tour, stepping off the plane with an adorable colour co-ordinated Prince George and Princess Charlotte.


The royal family received a warm welcome after they disembarked from the plane, but one greeting fell hilariously flat.

Canada's popular Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau welcomed the royal family by greeting each family member. Trudeau kneeled down to 3-year-old Prince George's height to greet the young prince. 

Holding his hand up for a high-five, watch the video below to witness the awkward moment that followed...

In the cutest royal snub of all time, the shy three-year-old prince wasn't having a bar of the canadian Prime Minister.

Trudeau tried everything, he went for the low five and eventually extended his hand out for a handshake.

Is this even funnier than that time Prince George didn't bother to change out of his pyjamas to meet the U.S. President Barack Obama?

Despite the snub, Trudeau still seems happy that the Royal Family are in town, tweeting that he and his wife were honoured to receive the royals.

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