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Pippa Middleton Compared To A ‘Loyal Dog’ At Her Wedding

Your wedding is supposed to be a classy, love-filled thing. ESPECIALLY if you’re Kate Middleton’s sister and there are ROYALS present.

However, at one point, Pippa’s wedding resembled more of a 30th speech, as best man Justin Johannsen left around 300 posh guests squirming at some of the things he said.

The best man said: “Now, to the love of James’s life. Beautiful, energetic, loyal, soft mouth, comes on command, great behind — that’s enough about James’ spaniel Rafa.”

However, the joke is said to have gone down like a lead balloon, leaving the guests looking on in ‘stony silence’, news.com.au reports.

Another joke suggested groom James Matthews’ TV star brother Spencer, of ‘Made In Chelsea’ fame, had given clues over their honeymoon.

Johannson went on: “With the wedding shrouded in secrecy, I would like to reveal and wish the bride and groom a wonderful honeymoon in North Wales.

“At least that’s where I presume they’re going, since I overheard Spencer saying that James will be, after the wedding, going to Bangor for two weeks. Enjoy the Welsh coast, guys.”

Source: news.com.au

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