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Netflix's Next Original Is Set To Shed Light On A BIG Topic

Netflix has not shied away from discussing the sensitive topics in their more recent original offerings. 

There was 13 Reasons Why that openly discussed teen depression and suicide, To The Bone shows one woman's journey as she struggles to recover from anorexia. 

The platform has been vocal about removing the stigma of discussing such topics, so people can not only better understand but also feel confident enough to reach out to others. 

In a similar vein, Netflix's new original 'Atypical' looks to shine a light on autism and the impact that has not only on the individual but also the family and friends around them. 

Cut with humour, the show is definitely going on our 'must watch' list. 

It follows 18-year-old Sam, who is on the spectrum, as he tries to navigate teen life, gaining independence and (hopefully) finding love.

Atypical will be released on the platform on August 11. 

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