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MKR’s Victor & Piper’s Secret Romance Is Exposed

Honestly, what has become of reality TV? While My Kitchen Rules is meant to be a show that’s all about the cooking, it really ends up being more-so about the drama and it seems that tonight’s episode is going to be FULL of it!

In what seems like a twist straight out of competing show Married At First Sight, the Channel Seven cooking competition is about to get hit with a sex scandal and it looks set to completely rock the contestants.

Turns out, two couples have been caught fraternising as tonight’s episode will reveal a secret romance between Piper (who is paired with Veronica) and Victor (who is paired with G).

Last night on MKR we saw somewhat of a relationship between the pair exposed after Piper was accused of feeding secret information to Victor about what the other contestants had said about him behind his back.

The allegations are said to be addressed again tonight, causing both Piper and Victor to storm off set and apparently this is when it’s revealed that the two have been hooking up behind the scenes.

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And it’s revealed by none other than Piper’s team mate Veronica.

“When she (Piper) f*cking leaves at night time and goes into his (Victor’s) bed, I don’t know what the f*ck is said,” Veronica says at the dinner table tonight.

The news stuns the other competitors on this season but the revelation isn’t addressed when Victor and Piper eventually come back to the group and so they remain unaware that their secret is out in the open.

An MKR insider spoke exclusively with News.com.au saying that rumours about the pair hooking up had been flying around the crew for weeks.

“There had been rumours flying around for weeks but this is reality TV. Cast can try to cause all sorts of trouble for each other. To them it’s a massive game of manipulation,” the insider said.

“Gossip by cast is always rife on set. It’s not until you get actual confessions or see something yourself that you believe it, and boy did we get a confession from Piper’s roommate. Veronica had witnessed it all!”

The insider also said that Piper had no clue that Veronica had exposed her secret romance with Victor.

“Piper was blissfully unaware that her little secret had been outed by her best mate at the table but I’m sure that taxi ride back to the hotel would have been interesting,” the source said.

The explosive episode is about to go down!

My Kitchen Rules kicks off at 7:30pm on Channel 7!

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