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MKR’s Jessica Slammed For Suggesting Manu Is Fat

If you’re watching My Kitchen Rules right now, you’ll be well aware of the drama that unfolds across the table.

The latest ‘villain’ to hit the screens is Jessica, a health-nut who’s been commenting on everyone else’s eating habits, proclaiming she eats healthy and insinuating that no-one else does.

Tensions reached an all time high as Jessica began voicing her negative concerns over certain food groups, such as carbs and sugar on the night that Italian team Luciano and Martino served up what was dubbed the best pasta ‘in the history of My Kitchen Rules.’

'I might be eating deep fried food… deep fried food scares me,' she said at the beginning of the episode, before adding: 'I'm not joking. It makes me feel nervous.'

And after examining their menu, she said 'Personally I would never have an entrée with a carb and a main with a carb.' I

t wasn’t long before she shot back at Alex, who questioned her over his chocolate dessert served up the previous week.

'I didn't like your dessert because it was chocolate but I judged based on what you served me, so listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth and understand them.’

'I'm listening and I don't like any of it,' remarked the 25-year-old, before adding: 'And I really hope that your food tastes better than your attitude.'

Then, it was Manu that copped it.

After she implied that the other contestants didn’t eat a good diet, Manu was quick to hit back.

“What’s healthy to you and healthy to me is different,” he said, adding that he ate foods full of flavour and went on runs to balance his diet out.

Jessica is then seen shooting Manu a look that suggested she didn’t believe him, to which he replied: “What’s that supposed to mean?”


Source: Daily Mail

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