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MKR’s Controversial Couple: “We’ll Be Divorced After This”

He’s been making headlines for all the WRONG reasons this season of My Kitchen Rules and it seems Josh intends to finish how he started.

In what was a train wreck episode for Josh and Amy, the Western Australian couple found themselves scoring a shocking 31 out of 130 at their instant restaurant.

While Josh seemed to take the harsh criticism thrown at him by judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans, it wasn’t the case for Amy.

Which was perhaps exacerbated by one comment in particular – from Josh.

As the couple plated up their entrees for their waiting guests, Josh commented “we’ll be divorced after this”.

While it seems to have been a running theme throughout the series for the controversial couple, the comment left Amy reeling.

Was Josh joking or had MKR spelled the beginning of the end?


As things got progressively worse with each course, it seems it all became too much for Amy who stormed out of the kitchen.

“You’re a dickhead – I’m going to walk out on you and not do this,” she said at the time.

However, after the couple were eliminated, they were once again playing the role of almost happy couple.

“We’re still standing and I feel that after a couple of months of marriage counselling we’ll be back on track,” Josh told the camera.


Amy went one step further telling Josh she was “proud” of him for staying true to himself even if “people got upset by that”.

Does that include her?

While Amy has denied the couple have separated, after watching the series we can’t help but wonder what the future holds.

They wouldn’t be the first couple to call it quits after reality TV.

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