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Miracle Pregnancy For Woman Who Experienced Early Menopause

Amanda Lewis' adolescent life was turned upside down when she went through early menopause at the age of 11. Now 30, she is expecting her first child after undergoing IVF.

In the early stages of her relationship with her partner Tom, Amanda informed him that her chances of having a baby were slim to none.

"The way I was building it up, he thought it was something a lot more serious," Amanda said on UK TV Show, Lorraine"He just said, ‘We’ll look into that when the time comes’."

The couple decided to try IVF and the treatment, which involved Tom's sperm and a donated egg, was successful.

"It was quite hard to believe it was real until about a month ago, then I thought, ‘Just try and enjoy it now, don’t be stressed out’," she told the talk show host.

In order for Amanda to try IVF, she was required to take hormone therapy and is still taking them three months in to the pregnancy.

After she gives birth to her baby, her body will go through menopause again.

"I’ll also have to have another bone scan to see what damage the pregnancy has done to my bone density," she explained.

Should the happy couple decide for another baby, they have three more embryo's ready to go. 

How wonderful!

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