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MasterChef Says MKR's Judges Are Making A BIG Mistake

The reality show wars have been going off this year.

From Married At First Sight to The Biggest Loser, My Kitchen Rules and The Voice, there have been some big winners and even bigger losers in the battle for ratings.

Sadly for MKR, it hasn’t been a stellar year for the show.

While the ratings haven’t been bad, they haven’t lived up to expectations for the Channel 7 show.

And according to their reality show competitors, there’s one major reason why.

“We’re friends with Pete and Manu and the truth is, would I go and do that show — no,” MasterChef judge George Calombaris told the Herald Sun.

“We don’t let contestants bicker among each other on MasterChef Australia. There is none of that. We know that if they are supportive of each other the food will be good.”

It’s one of the points that really differs between the two shows.

This season of MKR has been headlined by controversy, from that now infamous s*** comment to the bitter rivalries between teams.

Fellow judge Matt Preston said they learned that mistake the hard way.

“For one year it was bonkers. There was no audition tour. We weren’t involved in picking the contestants. There was no top 50,” he said.

“We came in with a group of contestants picked by other people.”

Have MasterChef come up with the secret ingredient? Guess we’ll soon find out with the show coming back on our tellies from Monday at 7.30pm!

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