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MAFS’s Andrew Was In A Firefighter Calendar And It's HOT!

While things haven’t been going quite to plan for Married At First Sight’s Andrew, we’re guessing after this photo gets out, that might change!

The Perth firefighter was dumped by his new bride on the reality show before trying his luck second time round with fellow jilted contestant Cheryl.


Let’s just say that hasn’t worked out well so far.

But, if there’s anything that might just help “Jonesy” with the ladies – we’re putting our money on it being him shirtless and in his firefighting kit.

Intrigued? We don’t blame you!

Here’s the photo we have no doubt will go viral of the reality star from his firefighter calendar modelling days.

Also known as “Mr April”, Jonesy starred in the 2012 Perth Firefighters Calendar – and it was most definitely hot and steamy.

Seriously though, we can already see the ladies lining up.

Think it’s time for another photoshoot?

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