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Marilyn Monroe Skinny Dipping Pics Put Up For Auction

The most iconic blonde in the world, Marilyn Monroe, was not shy in front of the camera.

Pictures of the starlet, wet, wild and fully naked have been put up for auction in New York.

With the same going price of a nice, brand new car, Heritage Auctions, thinks they will fetch between 25k and 35k EACH.

There are 12 pics in total taken by famed photographer Lawrence Schiller.

They were taken the same year Marilyn died in 1962, and are mostly of her in her birthday suit.

The pics are being auctioned off along with other rare photos of Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen and Muhammed Ali.

According to the auction house, the pics will get the most dosh!

Unfortunately, we aren't able to get photos of these rare pics, because they're one of a kind!

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