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Kochie Actually Took On Samantha Armytage On Sunrise

Sunrise’s Samantha Armytage and Natalie Barr have been scolded by David Koch on Sunrise this morning after they joked about Amal Clooney’s post-baby body and spoke about her parenting style.

Sam interjected Angela Cox’s segment on the birth of the lawyer's twins, Ella and Alexander.

'Come on — I bet she's already back to her pre-pregnancy weight today,' she joked.

Mother-of-two Natalie, 49, then quipped: 'By lunch time!'

The pair also spoke about what they think Amal’s parenting skills would be like, with Sam saying 'As if Amal would yell.’

At this stage, Kochie interrupted and told the women they were being ‘nasty’ and they should ‘give her a break.’

'You're being nasty. No, I think she'll be a lovely mother.'

Natalie then said ‘'We're not being nasty. We were joking!' 

Amal gave birth to her twins Ella and Alexander on Tuesday evening.

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