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It's Been Revealed Who The Cheaters On MAFS Are!

It looks like the cheaters on Married At First Sight have been outed!

Rumours of cheating were confirmed by Channel Nine earlier this week, and following Wednesday night’s drunken dinner, it appears Jonathan could be one of those partners involved.

The 31-year-old’s relationship with Cheryl looked to have dissolve even further during the group dinner partner, with his wife leaving and saying she was ‘done’.

During the evening Jonathan’s attention was well and truly on Scarlett, who he seems to like and she is unhappy with her match too, stripper Michael.

The couple bonded over their support for Donald Trump, ending the night saying they were the ‘perfect match.’

Sunday night’s episode looks to get even more heated, with Jonathan looking to be at the centre of a ‘texting scandal’, with the preview showing Jonathan in bed tapping away at his iPhone.

“We sent two hours of texts. We should’ve been matched. We would’ve been cute as sh*t,” he tells the cameras while he lay shirtless in bed.

It appears to confirm that the rumours we heard earlier in the week that Cheryl splits with Jonathan after he is caught giving his mobile number to Scarlett.

While a Nine spokeswoman confirmed the scandal, they remain tight-lipped about those involved.

“Yes, there is a cheating scandal, and it will come to light on Sunday night,” the spokeswoman said.

Married at First Sight returns to Channel Nine on Sunday evening.

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