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TV Shows Have Crazy Names in Foreign Countries

If you speak more than one language fluently you are probably very familiar with the fact that nothing really translates like it should.

It's impossible to reflect a culture's idioms and slang in a universal way.

That's why the phrase "lost in translation" exists.


Just check out what these popular American TV shows are called in other languages:

* In Hungary, Game of Thrones is called Throne Fight

* In Russia, Six Feet Under is called The Customer is Always Dead

* In the Czech Republic, That 70's Show is called Golden 70's

* Curb Your Enthusiasm in Sweden translates to Swim Quietly, Larry

* In Slovenia, House is called Doctor's Conscience

* Lost is called Infernal Paradise in Hungary

* The Russian OC is called Lonely Hearts

* In Serbia Mad Men is called People in Manhattan.

* Breaking Bad translates to In the Shoes of Satan in Bulgaria

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