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"Friends" Star Drops Bombshell About Reunion

It's been more than 10 years since Friends disappeared from our screens - aside from the near-constant re-runs, of course - but fans have never given up hope that the cast would reunite once more.

And with a slew of TV reboots in the works, not least the news that Dynasty will be dusting off its shoulder pads for another run around the block, rumours of one more visit to Central Perk have abounded.

But Maggie Wheeler, who played the nasal, ever-present Janice during the much-loved series, has admitted that she has now realised it would be "unlikely".

"I think a reunion in many ways would be great fun and a wonderful celebration but it is unlikely to happen," the 55-year-old revealed in an interview with Today Extra.

"I think we will have to just keep watching and imagining how this whole thing would be spun out if we had the chance to do it today."


Maggie played Chandler's on/off girlfriend Janice

Wheeler also explained how much the show had meant to her - and the fans - and that she still gets requests to perform Janice's infamous catchphrase.

"It is an incredible thing to be a part of, so yes I am happy to laugh for the passers-by," she said.

"I have people come to me all the time and tell me Friends got me through this, it got me through this illness, got me through my divorce, got me through this hard time."

Come ON guys... Surely if Janice is on board?

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