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Married At First Sight Bride Christie Jordee Speaks Out

She can boast being one of the only people to really try and make a marriage from Married At First Sight work and even says she can ‘do better’ than the relationship experts from the show.

And it appears Christie Jordee has really been enjoying her life since she broke up with her matched other half, Mark Hughes, late last year.

The 39-year-old took to Instagram on Monday to show off her curves and profess her love for an ‘Australian summer’ while labelling the show ‘smoke and mirrors.’

Outfitted in a one piece swimsuit, the reality TV star voiced her opinion on the new season, singling out mature couple Deborah and Jon.

'I think they are both really sweet but not a match. I could do better than these experts,' she declared under a post of the pair on the show's Instagram account.

'If you believe what's on TV you're being naïve,' she added in a response to another fan's comment.

'All smoke and mirrors hun, whatever makes good TV,' she added. 

Christie exchanged vows with Mark in late 2015 and they decided to call it quits about six months later as they couldn’t ‘get into the relationship because we'd see each other once a week, but then not the next,’ Mark said.

'I felt like we were holding back because we knew we'd get hurt,' he continued.

Married At First Sight continues tonight on Channel 9 at 7:30PM.

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