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FIRST LOOK: Emily Blunt As Mary Poppins

In between all of the Disney Live-Action films currently being cast, we almost forgot about the Mary Poppins reboot in the works. 

And we couldn't think of anyone more fitting than Emily Blunt to take over from Julie Andrews. 

We finally have our first look at Blunt in full costume and it makes us so excited!

It’s only fair. I mean Mary Poppins is ‘Practically Perfect In Every Way!”

It’s fair to say we will be among the first in line next Christmas to watch the movie. 

Now if only they could release a trailer.

The new movie isn't a traditional reboot, but rather a sequel set 25 years after the original movie as she revisits the children Michael and Jane in their time of need. 

What made Blunt most nervous? 

The dancing. 

“There's a huge dance number, which was slightly intimidating for me. I think I did alright. I mean we did it 55 thousand times, so I hope they got something,” she announced at D23 conference. 

Although according to those in attendance who were given a sneak peak at some of the scenes, her portrayal was met with a standing ovation.

Can't wait! 

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