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Fans Are Complaining About The Strangest Thing On MasterChef

There’s no doubting Australia loves themselves a bit of MasterChef, however there is one thing they don’t love about the show.

It seems the music is causing some major headaches for viewers and they haven’t been afraid to share their views.

Taking to Twitter and Facebook, the complaints have been flooding in about the reality show’s backing tracks – in particular the volume of those tracks.

Fans have been complaining that the dialogue has been completely drowned out by the loud levels of the music.

It seems a lot of people out there are also over the drama of the background music, because apparently, the MasterChef kitchen is similar to a journey to Mordor in Lord Of The Rings.

To be fair though, we’d imagine it would feel that way when you serve up a raw chicken to the judges…

h/t Mamamia

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