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Catfish Just Went IN On One Of The Guys They Busted

It looks like Catfish have discovered one of their most disturbing cases - and they've FINALLY said out loud what we're thinking during every single episode.

As is usually the way, the case in question involved Ari, a 21-year-old girl who thought she had fallen in love with a 25-year old Texan called Lanum. 

Unfortunately for her, "Lanum" was actually a 43-year-old who was pretty busy soliciting naked pictures from not just Ari, but about 40 other women.

Yes, that's right. FORTY other women.

When Catfish co-hosts Max Joseph and Nev Schulman turned up at Lanum's - real name Marcus - door, he attempted to explain his ridiculous behaviour.

"It just started out as a social experiment, and then it turned into an addiction," he shrugged. "I work nights, so I sleep during the day.

"It kills your social life, so I had to create something."

And that's when Max - who, let's be honest, is usually the quieter of the two - went OFF, slamming Marcus' behaviour and making us yell "YES!" at the TV at the same time.

"You know what kills your social life?" he ranted. "When you think you're dating someone that you're in love with... and you're not meeting anyone else because [that] someone is feeding you bullshit over the phone.

"Since we've been making this show, every girl or guy that's ever been in Ari's place fears that they're talking to some mid-40-something-year-old man who's sad, sitting home in his crusty boxers, typing into the computer.

"And you're that guy. We finally met you. And that sucks for you, but it also sucks even more for Ari and all the other girls whose time you wasted."


Unbelievably, Marcus still thought he had a shot with Ari, even after his appalling three-year behaviour was exposed - and Max STILL wasn't having any of it.

"You're not going to start something," he said. "EVen if she wanted to, I wouldn't let her. Period.

"There's going to be no future with her."

Max Joseph, we love you.

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