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Ange Has Reportedly Done Something Really Petty Amid Split

The news that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were calling time on their marriage came as a shock to many last week.

With six kids between them, it truly was sad news - and as it turns out, it just keeps getting sadder.

Yep, a source told Us Weekly that Angelina has blocked all incoming text messages and all of Brad's numbers, and he's upset.

"He is beside himself and has been crying,” the source said.

“He was completely caught off-guard and blindsided and had no idea she would do this. Angelina filed the court papers a minute before the courts closed on Monday night. He didn’t have a lawyer or anything. She had threatened divorce in the past but he did not think she would file this time."

At the minute, there has been speculation about why their marriage has come to and end, but no-one is completely sure.

I’m sure it will all unfold as the weeks go on.

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